At Ray Rides LLC., we require a 3 hour advance booking on all reservations, however we will book and provide service at short notice, which is considered expedited services. All reservations made within a 3 hour period will be subject to a rate increase (excluding corporate clients). Please note any reservations made within a 3 hour window must be scheduled by phone at (985) 876-4275.

Cancellation Policy:

All scheduled reservations can be cancelled without penalty 7 days before scheduled service. Any reservation cancelled after the allotted time will be subject to cost of scheduled service. Please note that we service clients 24 hours per day but office hours are 8am to 5pm CST. All cancellations should be done on the Ray Rides App, online at www.rayrides.com or by phone 985-876-4275.

Damage Policy:

Any clients and/or party members who cause damage to the service vehicle will be held liable for damage charges plus the cleaning or repairing of vehicle. Please note that client will be charged a $300 cleaning fee for any vehicle left excessively dirty.

No Show Policy:

All clients will receive a 15 minute window without charge once driver has arrived for pickup excluding airport pickup/drop-off. Driver will contact rider once by text message and/or a phone call to listed number within profile. If client doesn’t inform the company or driver of any changes in their reservation, 100 percent of reservation will be charged to client.

Wait Time Policy:

We encourage all clients to be on time for scheduled reservations. We allow a 15 minute window of wait time at no charge to client. 30 minutes wait time for domestic flights and 60 – minutes of wait time for international flights. After the allotted time, client is charged $1.00 per minute for additional wait time.

Credit Card Policy:

Ray Rides LLC requires all clients to have a major credit card on file within their profile on the Ray Rides App, and/or online at www.rayrides.com. Reservations will be charged the day of service including any additional charges such as extra stops, child seats, additional luggage, wait time and/or cleaning fee not included in original quote.

Transaction Currency:

All Ray Rides, LLC. Transactions are processed in US Dollars. Conversion fees may apply from other currencies.

Disputes Policy:

All service charges will be deemed correct unless we receive correspondence from client disputing any charges within 2 business days from date of final invoice. Disputes should be emailed to [email protected] along with any documentation to support claim. Any claims submitted after the allotted time period will be considered non refundable.

Collection Fee's:

Client will agree to pay all legal fee’s for counsel, litigation and expenses incurred to company for proceedings to collect monies in event of non-payment.


All premium bookings will have an automatic 20% gratuity included in service.


Will apply during holidays, peak hours, severe weather.


Client will be billed round trip tools on all routes that include toll stops.

Ray Rides LLC. Is Not Liable:

  • For late or missed reservations due to weather, road conditions, hazards, accidents or other unforeseen events.
  • Stolen, Lost or Damage to any personal items and/or articles
  • Items left in service vehicle